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42nd Regiment, Alabama Infantry

42nd Infantry Regiment was assembled during May, 1862, at Columbus, Mississippi. It was principally a reorganization of other regiments whos twelve month term of service was complete. Some of the men had served in the 2nd Alabama Regiment. Its members were from the counties of Monroe, Pickens, Wilcox, Mobile, Conecuh, Fayette, Talladega, and Marion. The unit was on provost duty at Tupelo until October when it was assigned to J.C. Moore's command. It fought at Corinth and later became part of the forces defending Vicksburg. On July 4, 1863, the regiment was captured. Exchanged and reorganized, it was attached to A.Baker's, Gibson's, Brantley's Brigade, fought at Chattanooga and Atlanta, moved to Mobile, then rejoined the Army of Tennessee in North Carolina. The unit lost fifty percent of the 700 engaged at Corinth, reported 46 casualtes at Chattanooga, and totalled 311 men and 247 arms in December, 1863. At Resaca it had about 300 effectives, but its number was greatly reduced at the surrender. Colonels John W. Portis and T.C. Lanier, and Major W.C. Fergus
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