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35th Regiment, Alabama Infantry

35th Infantry Regiment was formed at La Grange, Alabama, in April, 1862, with men from Lauderdale, Franklin, Limestone, Madison, and Lawrence counties. It went to Louisiana and under the command of General Breckinridge was active at Baton Rouge and Port Hudson. Later the unit fought with General Rust at Corinth and General Buford at Champion's Hill and Jackson. Early in 1864 it joined the Army of Tennessee and was assigned to Scott's and Shelley's Brigade. The 35th participated in the Atlanta Campaign, moved with Hood to Tennessee, and ended the war in North Carolina. It was organized with about 750 men, lost 4 killed, and 21 wounded at Baton Rouge, and sustained heavy casualtes at Atlanta and Franklin. Only 55 officers and men surrendered in April, 1865. The field officers were Colonels Edward Goodwin, Samuel S. Ives, and James W. Robertson; Lieutenant Colonel William H. Hunt; and Major A.E. Ashford.
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