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33rd Regiment, Alabama Infantry

33rd Infantry Regiment was organized at Pensacola, Florida, in April, 1862. Its members were raised in Coffee, Butler, Dale, Montgomery, and Covington counties. The unit was ordered to Mississippi, then Kentucky, where it took an active part in the conflicts at Munfordville and Perryville. Brigaded under Generals Wood, Lowrey, and in 1865, Shelley, the 33rd participated in the campaigns of the Army of Tennessee from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, moved with Hood to Tennessee, and fought at Bentonville. It lost eighty-two percent of the 500 engaged at Perryville, and reported 100 casualties at Murfreesboro and 149 at Chickamauga. On December 14, 1863, the regiment totalled 536 men and 385 arms. Many were lost during the Atlanta Campaign and of the 285 at Franklin, sixty-seven percent were disabled. Very few surrendered in North Carolina. The regiment was commanded by Colonels Samuel Adams and Robert F. Crittenden, and Lieutenant Colonels James H. Dunkin and Daniel H. Horn.
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18th Battalion Partisan Rangers, formerly Gunter's 1st Battalion, was organized during the summer of 1862 in Jackson County. Composed of five companies, the unit served under Forrest and skirmished along the Tennessee River. In November it was dismounted by consent and called Gibson's and 18th or 21st Battalion, then was attached to the 33rd Alabama Regiment without losing its organization. Majors John H. Gibson and S.C. Williams were in command.
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