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26th Regiment, Alabama Infantry (O'Neal's)

26th Infantry Regiment was formed at Tuscumbia, Alabama, in December, 1861, using the seven company 3rd Alabama Infantry Battalion as its nucleus. The men were from Walker, Winston, Tuscaloosa, Marion, and Fayette counties. Two companies under Major J.S. Garvin were soon ordered to Fort Donelson and captured in that fight on February 16, 1862. After being exchanged, they joined the regiment in Virginia. It was placed in General Rains' Brigade at Yorktown, then was assigned to Rodes', O'Neal's, and Battle's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. The 26th was active in many conflicts of the army from Williamsburg to Mine Run. Later it moved to Camp Sumter, Georgia, and for a time guarded prinsoners. During the spring of 1864, the unit was attached to Cantey's Brigade and fought with the Army of Tennessee from Atlanta to Bentonville. This unit totalled 283 men in April, 1862, and reported 32 casualties at Gaines' Mill and 86 at Malvern Hill. It lost 116 at Chancellorsville, and of the 319 engaged at Gettysburg, forty-one percent were disabled. The regiment was badly cut up at Nashville and a very small group surrendered in April, 1865. Its commanders were Colonel Edward A. O'Neal; Lieutenant Colonels John S. Gavin, William H. Hunt, and William C. Reeder; and Majors David F. Bryan, and R.D. Redden.
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