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20th Regiment, Alabama Infantry

20th Infantry Regiment completed its organization in September, 1861, at Montgomery, Alabama. The men were recruited in the counties of Jefferson, Greene, Bibb, Perry, Dallas, Hale, Tuscaloosa, Washington, and Russell. After serving at Mobile the unit was brigaded under Generals Barton, Tracy, and S.D. Lee. It moved to Kentucky, but prior to the Battle of Murfreesboro it was ordered to Mississippi. Here it took an active part in the conflicts at Port Gibson and Champion's Hill and was captured on July 4, 1863, when Vicksburg fell. Exchanged and reorganized, the 20th was placed in General Pettus' Brigade, Army of Tennessee. It was involved in various battles from Chattanooga to Nashville and ended the war in North Carolina. This unit contained 836 men in December, 1861, sustained 58 casualties at Chattanooga, and totalled 526 men and 376 arms on December 14, 1863. During January, 1865 there were 305 present, and it surrendered with about 165. The field officers were Colonels Charles D. Anderson, James M. Dedman, I.W. Garrott, and Edmund W. Pettus; Lieutenant Colonels John W. Davis and Mitchell T. Porter; and Majors John G. Harris and Alfred S. Pickering.
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