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17th Regiment, Alabama Infantry

17th Infantry Regiment was organized at Montgomery, Alabama, in August, 1861, with men from Coosa, Lowndes, Montgomery, Pike, Randolph, Monroe, Butler, and Russell counties. With 900 men the unit moved to Pensacola, then in March, 1862, it was sent to West Tennessee and assigned to J.K. Jackson's Brigade. After fighting at Shiloh and Farmington, the 17th was ordered to Mobile. Here it served under the Generals Slaughter and Cantey, and various companies were trained as heavy artillerists. Early in 1864 it joined the Army of Tennessee, still serving under General Cantey, and was active in the Atlanta Campaign, Hood's expedition into Tennessee, and the Battle of Bentonville. The regiment reported 125 casualties at Shiloh and 130 at Peach Tree Creek. It lost two-thirds of its force at Franklin and a number were captured at Nashville. Very few surrendered in April, 1865. The field officers were Colonels J.P. Jones, Virgil S. Murphey, and Thomas H. Watts; Lieutenant Colonels Robert C. Fariss, Edward P. Holcombe, and John Ryan; and Majors Thomas J. Burnett and S.A. Moreno.
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