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5th Battalion, Alabama Infantry Volunteers

5th Infantry Battalion was formed near Dumfries, Virginia, in December, 1861, with men from Sumner, Calhoun, and Mobile counties. Composed of six companies it was known as the 8th Battalion prior to October 22, 1862. The unit was assigned to Wigfall's, then Archer's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia, and was active from the Seven Days' Battles to Chancellorsville. It went to Gettysburg with 135 men and more than thirty percent were disabled. The battalion was soon reduced to three companies and placed on provost duty in A.P. Hill's 3rd Corps. In September, 1864, it totalled 159 effectives and surrendered with 125. Lieutenant Colonels F.B. Shepherd and H.H. Walker, and Major A.S. Van de Graaff were its commanders.
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