People in the Maryland Campaign

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Whether face to face in infantry assaults or directing artillery fire from the heights, battles are won by the men who fight them. But it is the generals who develop effective strategy and the officers who lead their men into the fire of combat who provide the opportunities for victory. Whether you are more interested in the common soldier or the army commander, learn more about some of the people that helped bring about the momentous events of the 1862 Northern Virginia and Maryland Campaigns.

"Let us beware of our past errors. Let us not pronounce our generals imbecile, or traitors, or cowards, because they are not uniformly successful."
~Harper's Weekly-The Rebel Raid into Maryland
Saturday, September 27, 1862

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  • Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

    Mary Clemmer Ames (Hudson)

    Print of Mary Ames

    During the Battle of Harpers Ferry in 1862, she wrote of her experience and what she witnessed. Her account of the battle was published in The New York Evening Post in 1862, and entitled "The Battle of Harper's Ferry As a Woman Saw It." Read more

  • Antietam National Battlefield

    George Burgwyn Anderson

    Print of George Anderson

    Wounded at Malvern Hill but gave the ultimate sacrifice at Antietam Read more

  • Richard Heron Anderson

    Print of Anderson

    Confederate Major General that was involved in multiple engagements of the Maryland Campaign. Read more

  • Richmond National Battlefield Park

    Nathaniel Banks

    Photograph of Nathaniel Banks

    Nathaniel Banks was a lifelong politician and when the war began in 1861 was generally well regarded and respected as a former governor of Massachusetts. He was one of the first men to be appointed by President Lincoln as major general of the newly raised volunteer troops. Read more

  • William Barksdale

    Photograph of William Barksdale

    William Barksdale was a staunch pro-slavery advocate, newspaperman, and politician who made a name for himself as the leader of "Barksdale's Mississippi Brigade." Read more

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