Civil War Soldiers & Sailors Partners - Genealogical Society of Utah

The Genealogical Society of Utah (GSU) was established in 1894 as a nonprofit organization funded by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Since its founding, the GSU has been a leader in advancing genealogical research and has microfilmed and compiled records from throughout the world. The GSU has established hundreds of centers where genealogical research can occur and has published a variety of materials to help individuals discover their ancestors. For information about the locations of GSU family history centers or publications, please write to: Family History Library, 35 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150.

In addition to its many centers, the GSU operates the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah: At this facility one can find many Civil War records, including thousands of microfilms from the National Archives which contain indexes to service and pension war records, compiled military service records of the Confederacy, and Confederate prisoner of war records. The library also has many state collections and published sources, such as, state rosters, regimental histories, Union cemetery burial records, muster and descriptive rolls, Confederate pension files, soldier home records, and official Army and Navy records.

Many of the records in the Family History Library have been microfilmed and can be borrowed through GSU family history centers. Also, the Family History Library's research outline on U.S. Military Records is a convenient way of locating many of the key federal collections included in its holdings.

The GSU played a major role in the CWSS project. It provided the software used to enter the soldier names data and helped to process and edit the data entered by volunteers throughout the country. When the data entry was complete, the GSU provided the NPS with computer files of the names of all the soldiers who fought in the Civil War.

Last updated: June 27, 2012