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The postings below allow National Park Service employees, partners, and others to learn more about the evolution of civic engagement in the NPS. For a visual overview, see this Civic Engagement Timeline (pdf).

Leading in a Collaborative Environment: Six Case Studies Involving Collaboration and Civic Engagement, 2010
This publication, prepared by the NPS Conservation Study Institute with support from the National Park Foundation Leadership Grant Program, contains six case studies and a distillation of cross-cutting leadership strategies and practices.

Stronger Together: A Manual on the Principles and Practices of Civic Engagement, 2009
This manual, prepared by the NPS Conservation Study Institute and the Northeast Region Office of Interpretation and Education, describes the current practice of civic engagement and the programmatic applications and audiences and is illustrated with many examples.

Exploring Deep and Meaningful Civic Engagement: Toward a National Park System for the Second Century, July 2009
This seminar, convened by the NPS Conservation Study Institute and the Northeast Region. brought together NPS senior managers and partners to discuss the opportunities for civic engagement in response to the report from the National Parks Second Century Commission.

Youth Engagement Workshops, April 2008 and March 2009
These workshops, convened by the Northeast Region Office of Interpretation and Education and the NPS Conservation Study Institute, brought together practitioners of youth engagement to distill the principles of civic engagement with youth.

Civic Engagement TEL Course, August 2007
This TEL course was designed to help NPS employees embrace CE practices as a way of doing business and help them understand and apply CE policy and principles. For a DVD of the course, contact us.

Scholars' Forum, January 2006
Convened by the National Park System Advisory Board’s Education Committee, this forum with distinguished historians and sociologists included presentations and discussion with NPS leaders about civic engagement, the place of national parks in our nation’s educational system, and how an NPS commitment to young people and education can strengthen civic awareness and stewardship in America.

Keeping Parks Relevant in the 21st Century, October 2005
This Northeast Region conference opens a dialogue on issues related to diversity and the importance of civic engagement and a diverse workforce in ensuring relevancy of national parks and programs.

Preserving Memory Seminars
The 12 Preserving Memory Seminars held between 2002 and 2007 brought together park professionals, stakeholders, and partners for 3 days to explore the issues, dilemmas, and challenges that arise in presenting resource management strategies and complex historical narratives to the public. Participants examined lessons learned in real life case studies and then related the overall discussion to a site-specific situation presented by the host park. See "The NPS and Civic Engagement" essay by Edward Linenthal.

The National Park Service & Civic Engagement, December 2001
This national workshop convened park managers, resource specialists, public historians, scholars, and museum professionals to discuss how national parks can become centers for civic engagement.

Past clipNewsletters, Briefs, and Status Reports
from the Northeast Region Civic Engagement Initiative

November 2003 Volume 1, Issue 2 (pdf)
April 2003 Volume 1, Issue 1 (pdf)
March 2005 Northeast Region Status Report (pdf)
Appomattox Court House/George Washington Birthplace Workshop Brief (pdf)





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