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In order to protect island wildlife, pets are not allowed in the park. Please leave your pets at home.

Some of the diseases and parasites that now threaten the fox may have been carried to the islands by animals from the mainland. While a domestic dog might have immunity from certain parasites and diseases, it may still carry them. Due to their insular existence, island foxes have no such built-up immunity to many of these ailments and are quite vulnerable to them. So please help protect the island fox and other island animals by leaving pets at home.

Service Animals
Service animals are welcome in the mainland visitor center. All domestic animals, including service animals, present a risk of introducing pathogens to the islands. Due to the inherent isolation of the islands, species there may not have immunity to diseases and parasites to which domestic animals have resistance. Service animals will be allowed when they have satisfied a protocol of vaccination, parasite prevention, and health exam to ensure they will not compromise the health of island species. For more information, visit Service Animals and call the Chief Ranger at 805-658-5717.

Last updated: May 25, 2021

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