Island Facts: Santa Rosa Island

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  • Located in Santa Barbara County.

  • Forty miles from Ventura; 26.5 miles from the nearest mainland; three miles east of San Miguel Island and six miles west of Santa Cruz Island.

  • Santa Rosa is the second largest island in California. Approximately 15 miles wide by 10 miles long; 84 square miles; 53,000 acres.

  • Average rainfall-15 inches.

  • Radar Mountain is island's tallest peak at 1,589 ft.

  • Six endemic plant species occur only on Santa Rosa Island.

  • Santa Rosa Island is home to only three native terrestrial mammals-the island fox, island spotted skunk, and island deer mouse. They are all endemic to the Channel Islands.

  • Reptiles and amphibians include the alligator lizard, Baja California tree frog, and three endemic species-the island gopher snake, island fence lizard, and Channel Islands slender salamander.

Last updated: April 27, 2016

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