Island Facts: Santa Barbara Island

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  • Located in Santa Barbara County.

  • Fifty-four miles from Ventura; 38 miles from the nearest mainland (San Pedro); 24 miles from Santa Catalina Island.

  • Approximately 1.5 miles wide by one mile long; one square mile; 639 acres.

  • Average rainfall-12 inches.

  • Tallest peak-Signal Peak, 634 ft.

  • Home to 14 endemic plant species and subspecies that occur only on the Channel Islands. Forms of buckwheat, dudleya, cream cups, and chicory are found only on Santa Barbara Island.

  • The endemic, threatened island night lizard occurs only on Santa Barbara, San Nicolas, and San Clemente Islands.

  • The island's cliffs offer perfect nesting habitat for one of the world's largest breeding colonies of Scripps's murrelets, rare seabirds.

  • Absence of freshwater led the Tongva and Chumash to use the island on a seasonal basis and as a stopover between Santa Catalina and San Nicolas Islands.

Last updated: April 27, 2016

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