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California Islands Symposium 2012
These videos are from the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island presentations as well as the San Nicolas Island Box Cache presentations during the 2012 California Islands Symposium.

The Rainbow Bridge
This Chumash creation describes Limuw (Santa Cruz Island) as the birthplace of the Chumash people. Told by Julie Tumamait-Stenslie, Chumash elder.

Homecoming: Journey to Limuw
Every year, members of the Chumash community undertake a traditional tomol journey to their homeland in Limuw, now also known as Santa Cruz Island. "Paddling in, there's no other homecoming like that," says paddler Eva Pagaling. Hear the Chumash paddlers' stories in this National Marine Sanctuary production: Story from the Blue – Homecoming: Journey to Limuw.

Island of the Blue Dolphins Live Broadcast from Anacapa Island
Learn about the Island of the Blue Dolphins novel and the story that inspired it from Steve Schwartz, a former archaeologist with the U.S. Navy on San Nicolas Island, and Sara Schwebel, an Associate Professor of English Language and Literature at the University of South Carolina.

Channel Islands Shipwrecks
Learn about a some of the approximately 100 shipwrecks that have been documented within the park.

Historic Sheep Shearing at Scorpion Ranch, Santa Cruz Island
Historic video of sheep shearing operations at Scorpion Ranch.

Island Voices
Stories of life on Santa Cruz Island as told various residents and visitors to the island.

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