Scorpion Anchorage Pier Replacement

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The National Park Service is planning to construct a permanent replacement pier to provide a safe, accessible, efficient, and sustainable access for visitors at Scorpion Anchorage on Santa Cruz Island. The existing Scorpion pier is a temporary structure that cannot be used by park or concession boats during very low tides because of inadequate water depth.

Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Scorpion Pier Replacement April 2017

Purpose and Need
The need for the project is driven by the following current conditions:

  • Shallow water depths at the pier, especially during low tide
  • Difficult vessel navigation and mooring during moderate to extreme wind and wave conditions
  • Challenging and limited access for visitors embarking from ferries onto the pier and from the pier onto to the ferries
  • Narrow width of the existing pier which inhibits efficient visitor and cargo circulation
  • Frequent maintenance required to the pier access road, which threatens to expose or damage sensitive resources

The objectives of this pier replacement project include:

  • Improving navigational access
  • Improving access and circulation for passengers, cargo, and park operations
  • Protecting marine and terrestrial environments
  • Preserving archaeological resources
  • Preserving and enhancing the historic character of the area

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