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Visit the CINC OneDrive Archives to download volunteer documents such as training manuals, photo ID files, and other archived educational materials.

Specific sections within the main OneDrive Archives:

Island Training Manual:!AuEe-kgpQLKkdVaBumIxg6tWoBY?e=S0Y7JV

Whale Watch Training Manual:!AuEe-kgpQLKkhVqXlrKmCMu1aTqk?e=6LrrDK

PhotoID Manual:!AuEe-kgpQLKkgkmAlcETLTxip-Qv?e=S1nrOv


Click here to access the CINC timesheets on the OneDrive:

Current year timesheets:!AuEe-kgpQLKkiFZK6nZcWYOookce?e=34FPt1

Prior year archived timesheets:!AuEe-kgpQLKkhW7gn4Dtp6vsCo-y?e=YA3lZW



\\inpchis_01\private\Lohuis\web site\web photos\right side highlights\gray-whale

Click here to use our new online Whale Watch calendaring system.


Click here to use our new online Community Outreach calendaring system.


Click here to use our new online Island Hike calendaring system.

\\inpchis_01\private\Lohuis\web site\web photos\right side highlights\ai-things

Click here to use our new online Island Overnight calendaring system.


Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for a PDF Frequently Asked Questions for the new calendaring system.


Last updated: July 27, 2020

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