Cesar Chavez Center

Cesar's dream of a place to train future generations of activists is closer to reality with the opening last year of Villa La Paz, a world-class conference and retreat center in the restored mission-style structures where he held meetings and community gatherings at the movement's La Paz headquarters in the Tehachapi Mountain hamlet of Keene, Calif. The sprawling facility is the latest addition to the National Chavez Center on 187 acres of oaks and spectacular rock outcroppings where Cesar lived and worked his last quarter century. Also there is a 7,000-square foot visitor center hosting Cesar's carefully preserved office and library, gallery and museum spaces, a multi-media room and book store plus the beautifully landscaped memorial gardens where he is buried.

The Cesar Chavez Center operates a bookstore within the monument's visitor center, and also an online store. These stores offer books, apparel, posters, and other items related to César Chávez, the farmworker movement, and civil rights in the United States.

American Latino Heritage Fund

The American Latino Heritage Fund (ALHF) of the National Park Foundation seeks to immediately and strategically integrate and celebrate the cultural, economic and civic contributions of Latino communities in our American story.

Last updated: July 18, 2018

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