Know Your Signs!

All areas of the seashore which are closed for wildlife protection, designated for pedestrian use only, or closed for other safety reasons are clearly marked with signs.

The following signs are used to help us safely share the beach with the seashore's wildlife.

Closure Sign

Marks the perimeter of a nesting or feeding area. The area within the signs is closed to all entry -- no people, pets, or vehicles are allowed for any reason.

When these signs are posted near the surf, the beach is closed, regardless of tide height, even for shelling and surf fishing.

Season of use: April through August

Baby Birds Sign

Marks areas where vehicles may pass through locations where bird chicks may be feeding. This sign is used when a detour route is not available.

Slow down and watch ahead of the vehicle for chicks. These chicks are very small (similar to a cotton ball stuck on two toothpicks) and blend in with the beach sand.

Be especially alert for chicks hiding in the tracks left by other vehicles. Chicks will seek shade in these tracks and "freeze" in place (not run away) when another vehicle approaches.

Season of use: May through August

Detour Sign

Marks the location of a vehicle detour around an area closed for safety or to protect wildlife.

The beach is closed to all vehicles, regardless of tide height, beyond this sign.

Season of use: all year, especially May to early November

Turtle Nest Sign

Marks an area with a sea turtle nest that is almost ready to hatch.

The beach in front of the nest is closed to all vehicles regardless of tide height.

Visitors may still walk into the area for surf fishing or shelling, but vehicles must remain outside of the area between the signs.

Season of use: July through early November

Through Vehicle Sign

Marks areas where vehicles may travel near a nesting area. Visitors are prohibited from stopping vehicles, parking, camping, surf fishing, or loitering in between the posted signs. Pedestrians are not allowed in this area.

Season of use: April through August

Pedestrian Travel Sign

Marks the pedestrian only travel path near a nesting area. Pedestrians may not stop, surf fish, shell, or otherwise loiter in the area between the signs.

Season of use: April through August

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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