Ranger-led Educational Programs

Keepers for Kids Program
Students learn about the history of the lighthouse and the duties of the keepers from a Park Ranger.

Ranger-led Educational Programs require an advance reservation. Ranger availability is not guaranteed. Request programs at least three months ahead to insure a ranger is available on the day you plan to visit the park.

Ranger-led programs are offered on Thursdays & Fridays ONLY and begin on Harkers Island at 9:00 am
(the ferry leaves at 9:15 am)

Maximum group size is 44 students

Maximum adults/chaperones is 5

If you expect to bring more than 44 students, plan on dividing your group into smaller sections, with teachers/chaperones leading some of the smaller sections during the field trip. The park has an array of on-site, teacher-led lesson plans.

Apply for an Educational Fee Waiver at least one month prior to your visit if you are planning on climbing the lighthouse.

For climbing the lighthouse, you will need to divide your class into groups of 10 -- 1 adult per 9 students. Each group of students must have an adult chaperone while they climb.

To make a reservation contact:

Education Coordinator
(252) 728-2250 ext. 3024
email us

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