Marion Park

Playground equipment in Marion Park
Playground equipment in Marion Park.

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Marion Park is bounded by 4th & 6th Streets and at the intersection of E Street and South Carolina Avenue. This is a fitting address for a park memorializing distinguished soldier Francis Marion who hailed from South Carolina and bravely fought through the revolution. With its interesting walkways and beautiful vegetation, it's the perfect place to take the kids for a stroll to the playground, or enjoy a snack in the grass under any of many ornamental trees.

Marion Park was first established as open ground, dating back to the original plans for the city created by Pierre L'Enfant in 1791. Also included in updated plans from Andrew Ellicott, this reservation has served continuously as a park since its first improvements in 1885. One of the larger parks in the Capitol Hill area, dating back to 1764 the tract of land was known as Houp's Addition, was originally owned by Jonathan Slater. In 1791, Mr. Slater sold the tract to William Prout, who then had to turn over the land to the federal government soon after. Improvements that were made by 1886 gave the park an ornamental elegance in the vastly developing neighborhood. In the center of the park used to stand a large vase that was filled with tropical flowers every summer. The "Large Hilton Iron Vase" was used to direct the flow of traffic through the park due to the carriage paths that created beautiful patterns from a bird's eye view. In 1963, the vase was removed, and the traffic patterns were redirected outside of the boundaries of Marion Park. Today, the site provides hours of serenity with the variety of trees and other vegetation. There is a play area available in one quadrant of the park that is easily accessible for toddlers.

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