Trip Plan

Accidents can happen at Buffalo National River, and when they do, it's best to be prepared! A detailed trip plan can help rangers and first responders locate you during an emergency. Please consider printing and filling out this trip plan before you go to the Buffalo. Leave your trip plan with a reliable person who is NOT going on the trip with you. Instruct them to alert the authorities and provide this information if you are not back by the expected time.

Personal or Group Information
  • Your Name (or name of Trip Leader if traveling in a group):
  • Number of people traveling with the group:
  • Number of children ages 0-17 traveling with the group:

Travel Details

  • Destination/Route/Trail/River Put in/Takeout:
  • What types of activities will you be engaging in? (e.g hiking, canoeing):
  • Start/Arrival (Date/Time):
  • Finish/Return (Date/Time):

Method of Travel/Distance

  • Where will the activity take place? (e.g. name of trail, river put in and take-out):
  • Vehicle(s) & Parking Location (make/model/color/license):
  • Name and phone # of Guide/Outfitter (if applicable):


  • Tent(s) - make/model/color:
  • Vessel(s) - make/model/color/ license or ID:
  • Other:
  • What kind of communication device will you carry with you?
  • Contact Number:
  • What kind of distress alerting device will you carry with you? (e.g. Spot, PLB, inReach):

In Case of Emergency, Overdue or Missing Person(s) at Buffalo National River call MROCC, the park's 24-hour dispatch center:
1-888-692-1162 or 911

Last updated: December 24, 2021

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