Middle District Paddling

Carver to South Maumee

Middle District Park Map
The middle district of the river from Carver to South Maumee can offer some challenges, but usually provides easy to moderate river trips.
The map shown does not depict many details as far as the bluffs and topography are concerned. Call the Tyler Bend Visitor Center at 870-439-2502 or refer to a Trails Illustrated Buffalo National River (East Half) map for more details. For information about renting a vessel from one of the park's authorized canoe concessioners please visit the park's Canoe Rentals page.
* Durations are based off a moderate or average 2 miles per hour river flow. The length of a paddle trip will vary greatly with changing river levels. Additionally, paddle or float times largly depend on if you paddle or not and stop to swim, fish, or explore. Please check with park staff or concessioner for a current estimate on river trip durations.
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    Last updated: December 8, 2020

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