Horse Tips

Seven Useful Tips

1. Horses may not be tied directly to trees. A "high picket line" rigged outside of your camp area or hitch racks where provided prevents unneccessary damage to trees.

2. Traveling outside the established tread, to ride abreast or to avoid rocks or mud, breaks down the trail edge and widens the trail. It can also lead to the development of multiple trails.

3. Riders are responsible for removing or scattering horse manure from camp areas, trailheads, or loading areas.

4. Where available, camp in previously used sites on durable surfaces away from streams and trails.

5. Tie horses off the trail and away from wet or boggy areas. Rocky ground that catches a breeze will discourage insects and allow horses to stand quieter.

6. When you leave, there should be little or no evidence of your stay. "Pack it in, pack it out."

7. Recommended group size is no more than 10 horses.

There are no commercial horse outfitters operating at Buffalo National River.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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