Booker T Washington

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Visitor Center
Begin your visit at the visitor center. Exhibits and an audio-visual presentation orient you to the life of Booker T. Washington. There is also a sales area with books and related items focusing on African American history. Uniformed park personnel and volunteers can answer your questions and assist you in making the most of your visit.

Watch Video "Measure of a Man"


Plantation Trail
The Plantation Trail is a ¼ mile loop through the historic area. It passes by reconstructions of the nineteenth century farm buildings similar to those that stood on the Burroughs Plantation when Booker T. Washington lived here as a boy. You are invited to explore the open buildings and read from the park brochure about the kinds of activities that took place in each.

Jack-O-Lantern Branch Heritage Trail
In addition to the Plantation Trail, the monument provides an opportunity for a 1½ mile meandering walk through fields and forests on the Jack-O-Lantern Branch Trail. Trail guides are available at the visitor center.

Picnic Area
A picnic area in a wooded setting is available for your use. There you will find picnic tables, trash cans, and a water fountain. Restrooms are located in the visitor center.

Farm Area
Sheep, pigs, horses and chickens help provide the mood to explore this recreated 1850's tobacco farm. Come learn about the historic breeds of animals that would have been here during Washington's time.

Garden Area
Come learn about the gardening techniques used by owners and slaves on the farm. The garden is an example of a typical subsistence garden of piedmont Virginia of the 1850s.


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Last updated: April 24, 2021

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