Service Animals

Service animals are allowed in National Parks. For a definition of a service animal, please go to

Anywhere that you wish to go, your service animal may go, too. There are some unique aspects of visiting this park to keep in mind, however.

● Water: There is a water fountain outside and to the rear of the Visitor Center. While

there is a creek on the nature trail in the park, be aware that water-born diseases

like giardia could be present.

● Terrain: Park trails are generally surfaced with compacted gravel or a mix of native

soils and rocks.

● Waste: Every rest area and visitor center throughout the park has trash cans for

disposing of animal waste;however, there are no plastic bags provided, so please

remember to bring your own.

● Wildlife: Wildlife can be encountered anywhere in the park - even near developed

and busy areas, like the visitor center. Deer, bear and smaller animals like foxes,

coyotes and even squirrels could cause issues for service animals unused to

encountering wildlife.

● Farm Animals: Please be respectful of our farm animals and their environment.

Ducks and chickens roam free during the day and only rail fencing separates our

sheep, horse and cow.

Last updated: March 26, 2015

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