Physical / Mobility

Parking, Picnic Area and Visitor Center

● We have one wheelchair on site for public use

● Parking: Several handicapped spaces are available along with a circle drop-

off/pick-up in front of the visitor center

● Routes: Paved from parking area with a sidewalk to the visitor center; it is

approximately 136 yards or 124 meters from the parking area to the visitor center

● Visitor Center Entrance: Front and rear doors operate on a push-button door


● Restrooms: Mens and Womens both wheelchair accessible

● Benches: Provided throughout visitor center and outdoors area around the center

● Picnic Area: Located next to the parking lot and has several wheelchair accessible

picnic tables and charcoal grills

Historic Area and Jack O’ Lantern Branch Trail (nature trail)

Historic or Plantation Trail:

Paved trail from the visitor center to the historic area; from

the back of the visitor center, the trail has a slight slope that levels out towards the

slave/kitchen cabin; there is a 14% gradient on the section by the main barn and

pig pens; it is approximately a quarter mile there and back and is mostly paved.

The historic area contains reconstructed buildings of the plantation, including the

slave cabin where Booker lived till he was 9 yrs. old.

Jack O’ Lantern Branch Trail, a.k.a. the “nature trail”:

The trail is approximately 1.25 miles or 2 km and is an extension off the historic

area trail. It is 36”-48” wide and is a mix of well-compacted dirt and gravel with a

17% grade on one section of the trail. The trail follows Gills Creek and switches

back away from the creek through woods and a field back to the tobacco barn

which is located close to the beginning of the nature trail.

Last updated: March 26, 2015

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