Freedom Train

Freedom Train: The Story of Harriet Tubman is a powerful account of one woman's passionate struggle to live free and lead her people to freedom. Harriet Tubman was born a slave but escaped and dedicated her life to helping others- as a 'conductor' on the Underground Railroad, as a nurse, as a spy, as a teacher, and as a source of hope to all who knew her. Through her hardships and strength of character, she became a vital part of our nation's history.

1. In what ways was Harriet lucky? In what ways was she unlucky?

2. Why did Harriet alter her appearance when certain white folks were near?

3. What were some of Harriet's disguises and nicknames?

4. Where do you think Harriet learned her sense of equality?

5. What was the importance of songs to the slaves?

6. Were you surprised to learn of Harriet's involvement with the army and enlisting of black troops?


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