Sketch of Booker T. Washington's Birthplace Cabin



General Management Plan

The General Management Plan for the Booker T. Washington National Monument provides clear guidance for the management of the park over the next twenty years.

The plan is divided into eight files. You may view or download the General Management Plan by selecting the below links.


Government Performance and Results Act

The Government Performance and Results Act is one of the most recent and comprehensive of a number of laws and executive orders directing federal agencies to join the "performance management revolution" already embraced by private industry and many local, state, and national governments. Performance management ensures that daily actions and expenditure of resources are guided by long- and short-term goal setting in pursuit of accomplishing an organization's primary mission, followed by performance measurement and evaluation. Importantly, the Government Performance and Results Act mandates that long-term and annual goals be results or outcomes rather than outputs (activities, products, or services) and that they be "objective, quantifiable, and measurable" so that performance can be adequately measured and reported, and progress on mission accomplishment assessed.

The Government Performance and Results Act requires federal agencies to develop, use and publish the following primary documents.

Strategic Plan 2009 - 2012


Last updated: March 30, 2015

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