Children learning about the Tobacco Barn
Children Learning about the Tobacco Barn

Brittany Webb

It is the mission of Booker T. Washington National Monument's education program to satisfy the curriculum needs as specified in the Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools utilizing the park as a classroom. The programs and activities included in the Educational Guide to Booker T. Washington National Monument are designed to meet these requirements while introducing students to the life of the young slave boy, Booker.

By engaging in pre-visit, on-site, and post-visit activities, students will focus on learning concepts appropriate to their grade level while developing an appreciation for the problems and hardships of the people in Franklin County over a century ago, especially those of African American descent.

The activities included in this guide enable students to investigate, research, and participate in "hands on" learning experiences. They will build a strong foundation in communication skills, research techniques, computer skills, writing, and thinking in terms of multiple points of view. These activities also have cross-curriculum applications.

At Booker T. Washington National Monument, students will learn about the cultural diversity that makes up Franklin County, Virginia. It is the hope of Booker T. Washington National Monument's educational staff that by learning about the past and the life of Booker T. Washington that we can evolve in our understanding of the context of race in our American Society.

Each program content page details how the park can serve as a classroom. It describes unit activities and gives specific objectives for each lesson. Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools are stated at the top of each table of contents.

Last updated: August 16, 2016

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