Twin Arches Loop Trail

South Arch, one of the two Twin Arches
South Arch is one of two individual arches which make up the Twin Arches.


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Twin Arches hiking trail symbol.


The Twin Arches Trail and Loop Trail have some geological features in Big South Fork, and the Twin Arches are truly the most impressive rock arches in the eastern United States. The North Arch has a clearance of 51 feet, a span of 93 feet and its deck is 62 feet high; South Arch has a clearance of 70 feet, a span of 135 feet and its deck is 103 feet high.

The Twin Arches Trail is a .7 mile walk which will bring you to the Twin Arches and the Twin Arches Loop Trail. By following the Twin Arches Loop clockwise, you will descend about 400 feet from the arches to Charit Creek Lodge. At the Lodge you will find restrooms, accommodations and maybe even some refreshments. From there the trail follow along Station Camp Creek to an old home site know as Jake's Place. Past Jake's Place the trail once again climbs almost to the top of the plateau and follows the base of a cliff line back to the Twin Arches. Along this section are several huge rock shelters once used by Native Americans, early settlers and even niter miners.

Upon reaching the Twin Arches you may return to the parking lot by climbing the stairs between the arches and following the Twin Arches Trail back.

Download a map (PDF 2,543 kb) of the Twin Arches Trails and Profiles.

Distance: 1.4 miles, Twin Arches Trail
4.6 miles, Twin Arches Loop Trail
Difficulty: Moderate
Cautions: Steep Wooden Stairs
Cliff Edges
Connections: Charit Creek Trail
Slave Falls Trail

Last updated: December 6, 2022

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