Kentucky State Parks

Chained rock trail in Pine Mtn. State Park.
The Chained Rock Trail in Pine Mountain State Resort Park.

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The Kentucky State Park System is composed of 52 individual parks. Wherever you travel in Kentucky, you are never far from a Kentucky State Park. Each park has its own unique attributes, from shorelines to majestic mountains, from winding caves to enchanting woodlands.

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Cumberland Falls State Park
Cumberland Falls, located on the Cumberland River is the second largest waterfalls in the Eastern United States.

KY. Dept. of Tourism

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is the closest Kentucky Park to Big South Fork. Known as the "Niagara of the South," the waterfall forms a 125-foot wide curtain that plunges 60 feet into the boulder-strewn gorge below. The mist of Cumberland Falls creates the magic of the moonbow, only visible on a clear night during a full moon. The area is a natural choice for water-sports enthusiasts, offering white-water rafting and canoeing among other water activities. The historic DuPont Lodge offers lodging, dining and a spectacular view of the Cumberland River Valley.

For additional information visit Cumberland Falls State Resort Park or call (606) 528-4121

Pine Mtn. State Resort Park Lodge
Herndon J. Evans Lodge at Pine Mountain State Resort Park.

KY Dept. of Tourism

Pine Mountain State Resort Park is a destination for all seasons. The first Kentucky State Park, created in 1924, is located in the heart of the Kentucky Ridge State Forest in the southeastern mountains. The setting is this modern resort features some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in Kentucky.

Overnight accommodations are available at the Herndon J. Evans Lodge or in the resorts rustic one or two-bedroom cottages. Dining is available in the Mountain View Restaurant.

For additional information visit Pine Mountain State Resort Park or call (800) 325-1712

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