Hog Hunting Permits

Hog Hunting Guide (95 KB)

Wild hogs may be hunted in the Big South Fork NRRA from mid-September through the end of February each year, in both Tennessee and Kentucky. A permit is still required to hunt hogs during this season and may be purchased at the Bandy Creek Visitor Center as well as online from late August until the end of February. The permit costs $5.00. A valid hunting license is required to purchase the hog permit to hunt. Dogs may not be used to hunt hogs.

Only weapons legal for the current hunting season may be used for hunting feral hogs. For example: During the archery deer season, feral hogs can be taken only using archery equipment; during muzzle loading season, feral hogs can be taken only using muzzle loaders; and during gun season they can only be taken with a gun. You must possess a valid kill tag for the weapon that you are using.

If you purchase your permit online, please print out your receipt or write down your confirmation number. This is what you will need to have if you are checked by a ranger. Hog Hunting Permits are not being mailed out.

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