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Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area (National Area) contains 102 fields units, totaling approximately 740 acres in area. Although this represents a very small part (less than one percent) of the National Area, fields are important components of its natural and cultural landscape. Fields and natural open areas are distinct in character and use from those of the surrounding forest. However, in their current condition, many fields are not beneficial to wildlife or native plants and are not fulfilling visitors’ needs or expectations. The National Area is committed to engaging in a long-term field management strategy that perpetuates natural communities, preserves cultural resources, and enriches recreational opportunities.

The actions proposed in this plan represent what National Area managers believe to be a balanced approach to accommodating multiple values in a way that is consistent with the objectives outlined in the National Area’s General Management Plan (2005). Other alternatives considered included allowing a majority of fields to return to forest or managing all existing fields as regularly maintained fescue fields. Neither of these alternatives would have successfully met the needs of visitors or provided the desired benefit to wildlife, native plants, or cultural resources. The environmental consequences of each alternative are analyzed in detail in the appended Environmental Assessment.

The following links will allow you do download the various chapters and sections which make up the General Management Plan. Please note that due to the size of some of these file they will not download efficiently if you have a dial-up connection.

If you experience difficulity downloading these files, printed copies may be obtained by writing: Superintendent, Big South Fork NRRA, 4564 Leatherwood Rd., Oneida TN 37841, by calling (423) 569-9778, or by email.


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