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If you are looking for information and unique items concerning Big South Fork, check out the bookstores located at Bandy Creek and the Blue Heron Visitor Centers. Both bookstores are operated by Eastern National, a non-profit cooperating association founded in 1947, and authorized by Congress to work with America's National Parks and other public trusts. The mission of Eastern National is to provide quality educational and interpretive products to the public.

Eastern provides a variety of unique items that will enhance your visit. Items offered for sale include maps, trail guides, books of local interest and unique craft items. By purchasing an item from the bookstore, you are supporting Big South Fork. Eastern returns a percentage of its profits to use for promoting the historical, scientific and conservation activities of the National Park Service. Among other projects, these donations are used to fund publications such as the park newspaper.

Membership in Eastern National entitles you to a discount on merchandise and helps support the programs of the National Park Service. For more information about Eastern National, or to become a member, visit the Eastern National website.

Any item you see in our bookstore can be ordered by mail, by telephone, or by visiting the America's National Parks Store.

If ordering by mail, you may use a personal check made payable to: "Eastern National."

Call (423) 286-7275, or write to:

Eastern National Bookstore
4564 Leatherwood Road
Oneida, TN 37841

Last updated: February 5, 2020

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