In the Preserve

A small pool of water reflects a dusky sunset.
Serpentine Hot Springs

Serpentine Hot Springs offers opportunities for healing, recreation, and simple solitude.

A long stretch of beach with gentle waves lapping the shore.
Chukchi Sea Coast

The Chukchi Sea borders the coastal boundary of the preserve.

The devil mountain lakeshore has dark colored sand that comes to a steep hill covered in vegetation.
Maar Lakes

Created by ancient eruptions.

Kuzitrin Lake with hills in the background.
Kuzitrin Lake

A dramatic landscape.

Imuruk volcanic field spilling over a flat green field.
Imuruk Volcanic Field

An impressive volcanic field.

Ear Mountain in the hazy distance against a pinkish sky.
Ear Mountain

A landmark for sub-arctic travelers.

Last updated: September 13, 2023

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