Red Fox

Red fox looks over grassy knoll.
A clever fox frolicking in the grassy tundra.

NPS photo

The red fox is common in North America and found all throughout Alaska. Preferring lowland marshes, it is most common south of the arctic tundra although it will occasionally share tundra habitat with its relative, the arctic fox (Vulpus lagopus). Classified in the canine family, red foxes are approximately 2 feet long with about a 1 foot long tail, and can weigh anywhere from 6-15lbs.

With its reddish coat, dark feet and legs, and white-tipped tail, the red fox can be distinguished from the arctic fox, which is grey or white depending on the season. It is primarily because of their beautiful fur that red foxes have been hunted since as far back as the 4th century BC. Today they are still commonly hunted and trapped for the fur trade, as well as for pest control by agriculturalists.

Although mostly carnivorous, red foxes will eat a variety of small mammals, birds, eggs, insects, carrion, and vegetation. They are known to stash their food, and mark their territory with their scent glands, with a distinctively skunk-like odor.
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    Last updated: March 2, 2017

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