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In a dramatic landscape, giant tors jut out of gently slopping hills.
Migration Theories

Several theories exist on one of archaeology's most fascinating mysteries, the peopling of the Americas.

A group of common eider ducks swimming in water.
Science & Research

Scientific research is an important element of Bering Land Bridge National Preserve's mission.

A ranger holds seashells on the beach while teaching students.

Bering Land Bridge provides education programs for classrooms both near and far.

A smiling child gathers around fish in the sand.
Hey kids!

Become a junior ranger! Earn a badge or attend a program.

Several strands of cotton grass dance in the breeze bathed in light of a setting sun.

Bering Land Bridge has a vast and vibrant ecosystem with a diverse and unique community of life.

The tundra is red and orange as the autumn settles in. A lone hike walks amongst the tors.
Brochures and Publications

A variety of brochures provides information on significant areas of the preserve.

Aerial view of low-laying tundra with many river and lakes going through it.
Photography and Multimedia

Bering Land Bridge is very remote and difficult to reach. View its wilderness through our photo and media galleries.

Last updated: October 25, 2023

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