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Want to know what a work week is like at the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve? Discover the stories of our interpreters as they describe the unique experiences they've had giving programs in local communities and exploring the preserve.

Village Life in the Middle of the Bering Sea

September 12, 2013 Posted by: DeAnna Von Halle

Blog #9: Last April, DeAnna took peek inside what life is like in an Alaska Native Village in the middle of the Bering Sea, where the population combines, balances, and embraces both traditional values and modern conveniences.


Summer of Wonder

August 16, 2013 Posted by: Nic Sedenquist

Blog #8: Nic examines and reflects on what makes a place special through a brief chronicle of the summer's highlights while working for the Preserve.


Junior Rangers at Elim

August 15, 2013 Posted by: Dev Dharm Khalsa

Blog #7: SCA Intern Dev Dharm Khalsa is at it again as he recounts the team's trip to Elim to present a Junior Ranger program about the Ice Age animals of Beringia!


Reflections on Serpentine Hot Springs

July 06, 2013 Posted by: Dev Dharm Khalsa

Blog #6: SCA Intern Dev Dharm reflects on his week at Serpentine Hot Springs.


First Winter

December 10, 2012 Posted by: Andrea Willingham

Blog #5: Andrea's perspectives on spending her first arctic winter at Bering Land Bridge


Exploring the Southeast

August 30, 2012 Posted by: Andrea Willingham

Blog #4: Andrea reflects on the cultural and natural history of the southeastern region of the preserve



August 10, 2012 Posted by: Allyce Andrew

Blog #3: Allyce’s thoughts on photographing strangers


Serpentine Hot Springs

August 09, 2012 Posted by: John Smith

Blog #2: John’s discovery of a new area of his Alaskan home on the Seward Peninsula


Ikpek Beach

August 02, 2012 Posted by: Andrea Willingham

Blog #1: Andrea’s tale of reindeer and wind after visiting Ikpek Beach


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