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While there is no cost to the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area, there are fees for the Discovery Center and Canal Boat Tours.

Augusta Canal Discovery Center at Enterprise Mill

The Augusta Canal Discovery Center at Enterprise Mill tells the story of industrial revolution in the American South and how a city used its waterways to reinvent itself and define its destiny. Located in a former textile mill, the Discovery Center is your starting point of all canal boat tours. Be sure to explore the exhibits, view the orientation film in the Rotary Club of Augusta Centennial Theater, and browse the Canal Gift Shop.


Augusta Canal is a National Heritage Area, a place designated by the U.S. Congress that best represents an important theme in American history. Augusta Canal tells the story of the Industrial Revolution in the American South. Built in 1845 to harness the water and power of the Savannah River, this canal brought textile and other manufacturing to the region in the era before, during and after the American Civil War. Augusta Canal is the oldest continuously operating hydropower canal in the United States.

Last updated: March 8, 2016

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