Structure Assessments Conducted at Bryce Canyon National Park

A firefighter with a chainsaw readies to cut a tree while two other firefighters spot nearby.
Saguaro Wildland Fire Module members Ty Crowe, Kevin Norton, and Gabrielle O’Connor, cutting and piling on the thinning project.

The Saguaro Wildland Fire Module spent two weeks in May 2012 at Bryce Canyon National Park, where they participated in the annual Wildland Fire Module Conference. The conference brought together the National Park Service Wildland Fire Modules from the Intermountain Region parks: Saguaro National Park, Bandelier National Monument, and Zion National Park.

During the conference, the modules performed structure assessments and start working on a major fuels thinning project around the buildings. The opportunity for the modules to work together also allowed them to coordinate in conducting assessments and fuels thinning projects for parks in the Intermountain Region.

The structure assessment information they have collected will be available on an internal agency mapping website called “InsideMaps,” so fire personnel can look up hazard assessment information when responding to a fire in the area.

Contact: Jason Thivener, Saguaro Wildland Fire Module leader, or David Brothwell, Bryce Canyon National Park fuels specialist
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Last updated: December 15, 2017