Waterline Upgrade in West Potomac Park

In January 2018, the National Park Service will begin a construction project to improve the aging and under-sized water distribution system in West Potomac Park. The project will replace several miles of water piping, backflow preventers, and fire hydrants for potable water and emergency use on the west end of the National Mall, from the Washington Monument grounds to the Lincoln Memorial, and through West Potomac Park between the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. The $4.9 million project is expected to last approximately 12 months, and will improve water distribution in all National Park Service facilities in West Potomac Park south of Constitution Avenue and west of 14th Street.

Any planned disruptions to water service will be scheduled to occur after hours to minimize the impact on park visitors and employees. These planned disruptions may include water shut down during tie-ins, as well as single lane road closures, which will occur with advance notice and posted message boards along the route.

The new waterline replaces existing infrastructure that is 95-100 years old and will be sized to provide adequate flows and pressures for future fire protection systems for all facilities in accordance with National Fire Protection Association standards. The project will also facilitate preventative maintenance programs, testing, and future repairs and modification.

Last updated: December 20, 2017