Washington County Historical Association- Museum

Pup on museum sign
Rocky near Washington County Historical Association Museum in Fort Calhoun, NE
Today I made it to my very first destination on the Lewis and Clark Trail: the Washington County Museum in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska. Located in the old Fort Calhoun State Bank, this museum works to teach visitors of all ages about both Lewis and Clark and the history of Washington County, Nebraska. They have wonderful, unique exhibits, including one on Lewis and Clark’s first council meeting with the Otoe-Missouria tribe at nearby Fort Atkinson.
Pup in front of first council sign
Rocky visiting the First Council exhibit
Fort Atkinson, just blocks from this spot, was the site of the first council meeting with Lewis and Clark and the leaders of the Otoe and Missouria tribes.
Learn Otoe sign
Rocky by digital display of Otoe language.
Through a digital activity, visitors can learn how to say some words in Otoe. I, myself, am fluent in both English and Newfie….time to become trilingual!
stuffed pup in fossil play area
Rocky digging in fossil area
The Corps of Discovery returned from their journey with a variety of fossils. Kids of all ages can excavate for their own fossils right here in the museum. You can find all sorts of cool stuff.
Stuffed pup behind bars of a historic bank desk
Rocky pretending to be a bank teller (or bank robber)
The Washington County Museum has plenty of interactive, hands-on activities, one of which honors its past as a bank. Here, kids can come and be a teller (or a robber…) in a mock-historic bank.
stuffed dog at old piano
Rocky plays a tune
There are also cool artifacts from Washington County, as well as exhibits about the history of the towns in the county. Among the amazing pieces on display is this beautiful piano.
Stuffed dog on pile of good
Thank you so much for hosting me, Washington County Museum. Next stop, the Hitchcock Nature Center!

The Washington County Historical Association-Museum is located in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.

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Last updated: May 18, 2018