Veterans Story: Christopher Keck

Man in an Air Force Uniform
Christopher Keck

About Christopher:

I joined the military in June of 1997 and was stationed in Cheyenne Wyoming. While in Cheyenne I worked on the Minuteman III ICBM as a technician and instructor because transferring to Vandenberg AFB CA. While at Vandenberg AFB I was involved in 25 Test Launches in the roles as technician, team chief, quality assurance and quality assurance COR before transferring to Great Falls MT. In Great Falls I was NCOIC of Missile Handling Team and Missile Maintenance Team supervising over 100 airman traveling to 150 remote locations to conduct maintenance. I finished up my tenure in the Air Force as Section Chief of the Vehicles and Equipment Section. Over my career I was awarded NCO of the Quarter eleven times and NCO of the Year on nine different levels.

I joined the National Park Service in August 2017. I look forward to applying my leadership experience in the military to my work as a contracting specialist.

Last updated: November 6, 2017