Ulysses S. Grant Word Scramble

Intructions: Unscramble each underlined/bold word to complete each phrase or answer the question.

1. When Ulysses was 17, he left his home in Ohio to attend the United States Military Academy, also called STWE NPOTI in New York. There he was classmates with Julia's Brother, Fred Dent.

2. Grant was stationed at JFONOFES BKARARSC, just south of St. Louis. From here he would make regular trips to see Julia at White Haven.
Black and white photo of a two-story, four-room log cabin surrounded by trees

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3. The name of the cabin which Grant built for his family on the White Haven property is HDALBABRESCR. The cabin is now located at Grant's Farm, about a mile from where Grant originally built it.

4.While he was President of the United States Ulysses S. Grant designed and had built a stable for his favorite animals to raise on the White Haven farm. What type of animal was this? HSREOS.

5. Ulysses S. Grant's first name given to him at birth was HARMI Ulysses Grant.

6. While farming at White Haven, Ulysses S. Grant owned an enslaved man. He freed this man in 1859. What was his name? WLIMALI JNSOE.
Photo of a two men in period farming clothing shaking hands

7. During the Grants' ownership of White Haven, Ulysses and Julia had their house painted PRSAI GNERE, a very popular house color during the Victorian era.

8. The enslaved cook who prepared meals for the Dent/Grant family got to know Ulysses S. Grant well, when he was farming at White Haven. She freed herself during the Civil War. Years later she gave an interview to the newspaper, St. Louis Republican, talking about her time with Grant. Her name was RAMY RBSNOION.

9.Both Ulysses and Julia Grant, towards the end of their lives wrote their MIMESRO, auto-biographical accounts of their memories. Ulysses finished his just days before he died and it became a best seller. Julia's was published many years after her death. Both give us a look into their private lives.

10. A large southern farm usually with crops, sold for profit, and numerous enslaved laborers is called a PTAOILNNA. Colonel Dent dreamed about owning one of these.
Drawing of Ulysses S. Grant and his family seated around a table at home
Grant at Home, 1869

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11. The first war Grant fought in was in the country of MXCOIE. This war was fought between 1846-1848. Grant was a young man fighting in this conflict and would later refer to it as an unjust war. This war was his first long term separation from Julia.

12. Ulysses and Julia had four children. Three of them were born at the White Haven property. Ulysses and Julia were loving and caring parents to them. Their first names were: FDIRECERK, USLYSSE, NILEEL, JSSEE.

13.Before modern electricity, ice was normally cut up into blocks and stored in a small building and covered with saw dust. There is one of these historic buildings on the White Haven property that you can visit. IEC HEOSU

14. The 15th ATMNEDEMN was ratified and added to the United States Constitution on February 3, 1870 while Ulysses S. Grant was President of the United States. It stated, "the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States, or by any State, on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude." Grant felt this was very important and wrote that it, "completes the greatest civil change and constitutes the most important event that has occurred since the nation came into life."
historic map of the United States cropped to show the border states

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15. During the Civil War Missouri was a divided state. Although it never left the Union officially, people from the state supported both the Union and the Confederacy, making Missouri a very embattled state during the war. Since the state allowed slavery, it joined three other states at the beginning of the war, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware, which also allowed slavery but never left the Union. These states were called BRODRE states during the Civil War.

16. As she was growing up at White Haven, Julia and her sisters were given enslaved children as playmates. Later on after returning from school she saw the these same playmates were now "much grown having the dignity of WTEHI ASPNOR." This symbolized a change from their lives as children and playmates of Julia to full blown status as enslaved adults intended to serve the needs of the Dent family.
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2. Jefferson Barracks
3. Hardscrabble
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11. Mexico
12. Frederick, Ulysses, Nellie, Jesse
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14. Amendment
15. Border
16. White Aprons

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