Superior Ad Lib

Have you had a chance to hike along the Mainland Trail? This challenging hike includes thick forests, stream crossings, and views of sea caves from up on the cliff tops.

We want your help to finish writing a story about hiking the Mainland Trail. Just like a hike, this won't be easy. You'll need to make some tough choices. First, look at the word list, and choose words that match all the descriptions. Second, go to the story and fill in your chosen words. Finally, read about your adventure on the Mainland Trail.

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Superior Ad Lib Word List

To do the Superior Ad Lib, fill in these blanks first. Then go to the story section and insert your words.

Cartoon character __________________
Your favorite snack _________________
Article of clothing __________________
Pet animal __________________
Type of local flower (plural) _______________
Your favorite song __________________
A natural sound _________________________
A sound a monster makes __________________
A strong emotion ________________________
Superhero _____________________________
A piece of trash ____________________
Exclamation _______________________
An Apostle Island ____________________
Animal you might see in the park _______________
Type of bird found here _____________________
Name of a celebrity __________________________

View of steep cliffs with carved caves at the water line.
NPS Photo / M. Sweger

Superior Ad Lib

A Hike on the Mainland Trail

This morning (cartoon character)______________ and I decided to go for a walk on the Mainland trail to see the sea caves from above. Before leaving home we packed water, (your favorite snack)_________ and sunscreen. I made sure to wear sturdy (article of clothing)_________ on my feet and cleaned them before and after hiking. We took our pet (animal) __________ with us and always had him on a leash. We stayed on the trail and saw pretty (type of local flower plural)______________, but did not pick any so that others could enjoy them as well. As we walked we sang (your favorite song)_____________ and didn’t get far before we heard (a natural sound)___________which was nice, but then we heard (a sound a monster makes)____________which made us (a strong emotion)__________. Thankfully Ranger (superhero)__________ was on the trail and told us that the scary noise was just waves crashing in the sea caves. We continued hiking and looked down and saw (a piece of trash) __________. Even though it wasn’t ours, I picked in up and put it in my backpack so that we could throw it away later. We finally made it to the lake and (exclamation) __________ was it beautiful! The sea caves were super cool. We could see all the way to (an Apostle Island) ____________ from the cliff. On the way back we saw a huge (animal found in the Apostle Islands)_____________ , but made sure we didn’t get too close because wild animals can be dangerous. We also saw a (type of bird found here) __________ flying high in the sky. It was a lovely day and we had so much fun. Next time I go hiking I want to bring (name of celebrity) _____________ with me so they can see how amazing the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is to explore.

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