Standard Life Building, Mississippi

Art Deco features and details remain in the lobby of the building. These stylized storefronts connect the main lobby to retail units at the first floor.
Located in Jackson’s West Capitol Street Historic District, the Standard Life Building is an excellent example of Art Deco architecture, being one of the best examples of the style in Mississippi. The monumental 18-story stepped tower and adjacent one-story annex were constructed in 1929.
The one-story annex with the tower in the background, which retains a large 'Standard Life' sign near the top.
Originally built as a tenant office building with a retail annex, the building and annex have undergone a successful $27 million rehabilitation providing retail space on the first floor of the tower and 64 desirable market-rate housing units. The limestone, brick and terra-cotta exterior has been meticulously cleaned, the transoms of the storefronts, display windows and entrances uncovered and restored. The elaborate Art Deco marble, terrazzo floor, limestone wall panels, geometrically shaped storefront windows and decorative ceilings have been retained while finding a popular new use for this Jackson architectural treasure.

Last updated: September 28, 2017