S'mores in Endless Ways

A classic campfire treat just got a little sweeter. You may know of the traditional s’more - graham cracker, chocolate, and roasted marshmallow, but what about the many ways you can dress it up?

How to customize your s'more


Don’t Limit Yourself to the Staples
A s’more is complete by its roasted marshmallow - that toasted crispy exterior surrounding delectable gooey insides. Frankly, it wouldn’t be a s’more without the marshmallow. However, outside of removing the marshmallow, a s’more is endlessly customizable. Try mixing up your s’mores with some of the following additions:

  • Cookies in place of graham crackers
  • Nutella in place of, or in addition to, chocolate

  • Caramel

  • Mix up your graham cracker flavor (try cinnamon or chocolate)

  • Dark chocolate instead of traditional milk chocolate

  • Peanut butter cups in place of plain chocolate

  • Peanut butter spread on the graham crackers, or cookies

  • Cookie dough

  • Cookies and cream Hershey’s in place of regular


Quick Roasting Lesson
If a marshmallow is the most important part of a s’more, it’s important to do it right. Here are some quick tips to achieve marshmallow perfection:

  • For the light golden-brown color and a perfectly cooked interior, you want to find the subtle flames at the base of the fire and be patient.

  • Frequently turn the marshmallow as it hovers over the embers rather than the flames.

    • Tip: While putting a marshmallow over the flames will surely result in what appears to be an extremely fast method to cooking marshmallows, the quick exposure to intense heat will simply char the outside, leaving the inside still tough and cool.

  • When it develops a light brown coating on all sides and appears to be slightly sliding off the stick, quickly transfer it to your prepped s’more base and enjoy!

Summary: The best method is to stay low, be patient, and cook it as evenly as possible, avoiding the red-hot flames at the top.


Upgrade the Marshmallow
While a s’more may not be complete without the marshmallow, it’s not out of the question to make some changes to it. Try some of the following marshmallow upgrades to get the most out of s’mores:

  • For adults, try dipping your roasted marshmallow in Bailey’s before applying it to the s’more

  • Stuff the marshmallow with a small treat. Try a rolo, piece of chocolate, mini peanut butter cup or something of the like and cook it over the campfire.

  • Try different marshmallow colors or flavors


Mix it up with these examples

Now that we’ve introduced some alternative approaches to s’mores, here are some examples of delicious combinations:


The Chocoholic’s Delight

Three things:

  • Chocolate graham crackers

  • Chocolate marshmallows

  • Chocolate

If somehow that isn’t quite chocolatey enough for you, stuff that chocolate marshmallow with some more chocolate. Have we said chocolate enough yet?


S’more Peanut Butter

  • Graham crackers spread with peanut butter

  • Marshmallow stuffed with mini peanut butter cup

  • Chocolate peanut butter cup in place of chocolate

For the peanut butter lover, this puts a nutty spin on the traditional s’more.


Crescent S’more

Put the s’more ingredients of your choosing inside of a crescent roll. Wrap the roll in foil and toss it in the fire for a doughy take on campfire desserts. You can also try making s’mores in a cone with this handy tutorial!


The Cookie Monster

  • Chocolate chip cookies in place of graham crackers

  • Chocolate

  • Toasted marshmallow

  • Spoonful of cookie dough

For this one, put the chocolate on a cookie and a dollop of cookie dough on top of that. Transfer the hot marshmallow to the cookie and close it up for a s’more like no other.


The above are just a few examples of ways you can be creative when making s’mores, either at home or over a campfire. Put your own spin on it to make a s’more that’s just right for you!

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    Last updated: April 29, 2016