Shark Awareness

While shark encounters are extremely rare, it is always a good idea to refresh yourself on the steps you can take to reduce that chance even further.

View of a shark and fish in the blue ocean waters
Shark in the ocean


There are many inherent dangers while swimming in ocean or sound waters. Swimmers are advised to be aware of conditions and their surroundings.

Sharks are a normal and important part of the natural surroundings we enjoy at ocean beaches. The presence of sharks requires that we take precautions while enjoying the resource.

  • Don’t swim too far from shore
  • Stay in groups
    Solitary individuals are more likely to encounter a shark
  • Avoid being in the water during darkness or twilight
    Sharks are most active at these times
  • Don’t go into the water if bleeding from a wound
    Sharks have a very acute sense of smell
  • Leave shiny objects at home
    The reflected light resembles fish scales
  • Avoid brightly colored swimwear
    Sharks see contrast particularly well

Shark encounters are still extremely unlikely, but use of the above recommendations will further reduce the chances of injury, and allow you to more safely share the ocean with these spectacular animals.

Last updated: July 1, 2015