Series: Cemetery Preservation Course

The value of preserving these sacred spaces allows us to understand our past and what we value as a society.

  • Article 1: Cemetery Preservation Foundation

    Angel Stone Statue

    These cemetery conservation resources have been developed to help people and communities care for cemeteries and grave markers. Whether you wish to clean the headstone of a loved on, volunteer to help clean cemeteries and monuments, or wish to learn more about conservation, weathering, and landscape maintenance, these resources can help guide you. Please check back as we continue to add to this online resource. Read more

  • Article 2: Course Overview

    Cemetery stewards need to establish a preservation strategy or treatment that considers the historic character of the landscape, the significance of the features, and management goals. Developing a sensitive preservation plan that considers all of the needs and components of a property is an essential first step in this process. Read more

  • Article 3: Ethics

    When approaching any cemetery project, we need a basis for decision making. To make sound decisions for cemetery care and maintenance, we need a series of principles or a guiding philosophy. Fortunately, others have spent quite some time thinking about the ethics and philosophy of conservation and preservation treatments. Read more

  • Article 4: Master Plan

    A Master Plan is a road map that shows us where the cemetery is and where it is going. Master plans may be quite simple or more complex and may include several sections. They should always be tailored to the needs of the individual cemetery and will develop and evolve over time. Read more