Series: Curiosity Kit: Lucy Stone

Curiosity Kits inspire exploration and learning of history through place. These multi-piece resources include articles that explore historic places and provide educational activities for life-long learners. This kit focuses on the life and work of Lucy Stone, a noted suffragist. You’ll also find activities and discussion questions for learners of all ages.

  • Article 1: Learning from Lucy Stone

    Statue of a woman.

    The activities in this article relate to the life and work of suffragist Lucy Stone. Read more

  • Boston National Historical Park

    Article 2: Places of Lucy Stone

    Lucy Stone, portrait. From the Library of Congress.

    Lucy Stone is perhaps best known for her talents as a public speaker. Her speech at the 1852 Syracuse convention is credited as the final push that motivated Susan B. Anthony to join the women’s rights movement. Stone discovered her gift for public speaking while at Oberlin College. Read more